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Updated April 5, 2024
Polymer Render: Pros & Cons

Polymer render has become a popular choice for homeowners seeking a durable and aesthetically pleasing external rendering solution for their properties. But what exactly is polymer render, and how does it compare to other rendering options?

This comprehensive guide from MidRender, the UK's leading provider of K-render services (including Scratch Coat Render, Pebble Dash, Silicone Render, Tyrolean Render, Acrylic Rendering, and House Rendering), dives into the world of polymer render, exploring its composition, benefits, and applications.

Understanding Polymer Render

Polymer render is a type of external rendering system that incorporates synthetic polymers within the render mix. These polymers offer several advantages over traditional cement-based renders.

Here's a breakdown of the key components of polymer render:

  • Base: Cement remains the primary base, providing strength and structure.
  • Sand: Sand aggregates contribute to texture and overall performance.
  • Pigments: Similar to monocouche render, pigments can be pre-mixed throughout the render, offering a variety of colour options and eliminating the need for painting.
  • Polymers: These synthetic additives enhance various properties of the render, including:
    • Flexibility: Polymers improve the render's flexibility, making it more resistant to cracking.
    • Water repellency: They enhance the render's ability to repel water, improving weather resistance.
    • Workability: Polymers can improve the workability of the render mix, making it easier for applicators to achieve a smooth finish.

Pro Tip: It's important to note that the specific type and amount of polymer used can vary depending on the render product and desired properties.

Benefits of Polymer Render

Polymer render offers several advantages for homeowners, making it a compelling choice for external rendering projects:

  • Durability: The addition of polymers enhances the render's resistance to cracking, shrinking, and weather damage.
  • Water repellency: Improved water repellency protects the underlying walls from moisture ingress.
  • Flexibility: The render's flexibility allows it to accommodate slight movements in the substrate, further reducing the risk of cracking.
  • Low Maintenance: Pre-coloured finishes typically require minimal maintenance compared to painted renders.
  • Aesthetics: Polymer render comes in a wide range of colours and textures to complement any property style.
  • Workability: The improved workability allows for a smoother and more consistent finish during application.

While polymer render offers numerous benefits, it's important to consider some potential drawbacks:

  • Cost: Compared to traditional renders, polymer render might have a slightly higher initial cost.
  • Breathability: In some cases, the addition of polymers can slightly reduce the breathability of the render compared to purely cementitious renders. However, most modern polymer renders are formulated to maintain adequate breathability for healthy walls.

Applications of Polymer Render

Polymer render is a versatile material suitable for various external rendering applications:

  • New builds: A popular choice for adding a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish to new constructions.
  • Refurbishments: Ideal for refreshing the exterior of existing properties, improving weather resistance and aesthetics.
  • Listed buildings: Certain types of polymer render might be suitable for use on listed buildings, subject to appropriate planning permission. Consulting a qualified professional is recommended in such cases.

Polymer Render vs. Traditional Render

Here's a quick comparison of polymer render and traditional render to highlight the key differences:

FeaturePolymer RenderTraditional Render
Base MaterialCement with added polymersCement only
DurabilityEnhanced due to polymersStandard cement-based durability
Water RepellencyImproved water repellencyLower water repellency
FlexibilityMore flexible, reducing the risk of crackingLess flexible, more prone to cracking
MaintenanceLower maintenance due to pre-coloured finishesRequires repainting periodically
WorkabilityEasier to work with due to improved workabilityCan be more challenging to apply
CostSlightly higher initial costLower initial cost

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Choosing the Right Render for Your Project

Selecting the right render for your project depends on various factors, including budget, desired aesthetics, and property type. Here are some additional rendering options offered by MidRender:

  • Pebble Dash: A render containing pebbles for a decorative textured finish.
  • Silicone Render: A high-performance render with exceptional water repellency and flexibility, ideal for exposed areas.
  • Tyrolean Render: A textured render with a rough, splatter-like finish.
  • Acrylic Rendering: A versatile render option offering a smooth or textured finish in a variety of colours.

FAQs: Polymer Render

Yes, the addition of polymers generally enhances the render's resistance to cracking, shrinking, and weather damage, offering improved durability compared to traditional renders.

Similar to monocouche render, polymer render typically comes pre-coloured, eliminating the need for painting and reducing maintenance requirements compared to traditional renders that require repainting.

Polymer render is a versatile option for various properties. However, for listed buildings or situations requiring specific material considerations, consulting a professional is recommended to ensure compatibility.

The potential drawbacks of polymer render include a slightly higher initial cost compared to traditional render and, in some cases, slightly reduced breathability compared to purely cementitious renders. However, most modern polymer renders are formulated to maintain adequate breathability for healthy walls.


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