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Understanding the Cost of Lime Render for UK Homes

Updated January 11, 2024
Understanding the Cost of Lime Render for UK Homes

Lime render has been a popular choice in the UK for its aesthetic appeal and breathability especially in older or historic properties. In this guide we'll explore the various costs associated with lime rendering helping UK homeowners make informed decisions about their home improvement projects.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Lime Render

Size and Condition of the Property

The larger the property or the more walls that need rendering, the higher the cost. The condition of the walls also plays a crucial role; walls requiring extensive preparation will increase costs.

Type and Quality of Materials

The type of lime (hydraulic or non-hydraulic) and the quality of the materials can significantly impact the price.

Average Cost of Lime Rendering

Cost Per Square Meter

On average, lime rendering can cost between £40 to £70 per square meter in the UK. This range can vary based on regional differences and the specifics of the job.

Additional Costs to Consider

  • Scaffolding
  • Wall preparation (repairing, cleaning)
  • Specialist finishes or colorings

Lime Render Cost Breakdown Chart

Cost FactorDescriptionEstimated Cost (Per Square Meter)
Basic Lime RenderStandard lime render mix without additional finishes or colors.£40 - £50
Premium Lime RenderHigher quality lime render or bespoke mixes.£50 - £70
Wall PreparationCleaning, repairing, and priming the walls before application.£5 - £15 (additional)
ScaffoldingRequired for multi-story buildings or hard-to-reach areas.£20 - £30 (additional)
Labor CostsProfessional application, including labor and expertise.Varies, often included in total
Special FinishesCustom colors, textures, or protective coatings.£10 - £20 (additional)
Travel and TransportCosts for the transport of materials and crew to the site.Varies, location-dependent
Additional RepairsAny structural or significant wall repairs needed before rendering.Varies based on wall condition

Note: The costs provided are indicative and may vary depending on your location in the UK, the complexity of the job, and the current market rates.

Comparing Quotes from Professionals

Getting the Right Estimate

Always seek multiple quotes from experienced professionals. Ensure they provide detailed estimates covering all aspects of the job.

What to Look for in a Professional

Choose contractors with experience in lime rendering. Check their previous work, customer reviews, and professional accreditations.


While the cost of lime rendering can be higher compared to other types of render its benefits for certain types of properties particularly older or historic homes can make it a worthwhile investment. Understanding the factors that influence the cost will help you budget appropriately for your lime rendering project.

FAQ: Cost-Related Questions About Lime Render

Lime render often requires higher quality materials and more skilled labor due to its traditional application methods and the need for careful mixing and curing. Its natural components and the specific techniques required contribute to the higher cost.

Yes, the cost of lime rendering can vary depending on the region in the UK. Factors like local labor rates availability of materials, and even the climate can influence the overall cost.

Lime render can offer long-term cost savings due to its durability and low maintenance requirements.

The cost can increase with the complexity of the building's design. Features like intricate detailing, hard-to-reach areas, or the need for extensive scaffolding can add to the overall expense.

Poor wall conditions requiring extensive preparation, repairs, or treatments before rendering can significantly increase the overall cost. Well-maintained walls typically incur lower preparation costs.

While rendering only part of a building can reduce material costs, it might not significantly lower overall expenses due to fixed costs like scaffolding and labor.

Yes, the type of lime used can affect the cost. Hydraulic lime, which sets faster and is more water-resistant, may be more expensive than non-hydraulic lime.

Besides the obvious material and labor costs, consider potential hidden costs like additional wall preparation, waste disposal, travel expenses for the crew, and any necessary aftercare or finishing treatments.


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