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K Rendering Problem: What It is and Why You Should Be Concerned

Updated August 18, 2022
K Rendering Problem: What It is and Why You Should Be Concerned

K-rend is a render based on silicone, making it both waterproof and highly insulating. It has become a top choice, and of course, K rend problems too have become popular.

It will retain its color for at least two years without changing if applied and rubbed correctly. If you are going to hire a company, I would advise hiring one that guarantees their work for at least fifteen years if you want it done right. When you hire a company such as ours, you can rest assured that you will be charged the right price to have it done; however, some businesses attempt to complete the task more cost-effectively, which is where the problems begin.

K rend has its fair share of issues, and we address most of these K rend problems, so if you want to use this type of render, you will understand it well.

K-rend is susceptible to getting stains, but these stains will not magically appear out of nowhere. Sometimes it's because of growth on the exterior, sometimes because dirty gutters are overflowing, and sometimes it's because, as mentioned earlier, some businesses that try to do k-rend on the cheap will use metal beads. When working with k-rend, you are required to use plastic beads. Rusting will occur on metal beads, and eventually, the rust will run, which will cause the k-rend to become discolored.

K Rend Problems

Although K rend is very popular now, especially in the United Kingdom (UK) but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its cons. Yes, we have some K rend problems and examine them below.

Some of K rend problems include the following:

#1 It is Thin

The first step in rendering sand and cement is applying a scratch coat. It is a layer of the render that is used to the wall, smoothed, and then scratched with a rendering comb to make a rough surface for the subsequent layer to adhere to. This is the first layer of the render. The next layer is called the topcoat, consisting of a less robust mixture that is buffed out to produce the desired finish.

When using K-rend, you only need to apply a single layer sprayed on. To put it another way, K-rend is just the finishing layer. In addition, if the scratch coat is not applied first, the topcoat may become so thin that it is possible to see the stonework beneath it. This is not the cleanest of finishes and can make the rendering look unprofessional.

#2 It Can Get Dirty Quickly

One other significant K rend problem is how quickly it can get dirty. At least in terms of painting, the claim that K-rend requires no maintenance is supported by the product's actual performance. Because it is colored all the way through, K-rend does not ever require painting, in contrast to traditional renders made of sand and cement.

Unfortunately, it is prone to mould and algae (especially in coastal areas), which can cause it to look quite unsightly quickly. This K rend problem usually poses a significant challenge, especially to those in coastal regions.

The algae can be treated with specialized pesticides that can be purchased, but removing the algae once it has taken hold can be quite a laborious process. Because of the proliferation of K-rend cleaning companies over the past few years, it is clear that a significant amount of upkeep may be required to ensure that the K-rend finish always appears to be in pristine condition. You should check out the general maintenance instruction below; it would help deal with this K rend problem.

#3 It is Suitable in Certain Temperatures

In contrast to sand and cement render, K-rend can be applied in wet conditions, one of the benefits many people point out when discussing its advantages. K-rend, however, is subject to its own set of weather restrictions, which many people are unaware of. Using it is impossible unless the temperature is higher than 5 degrees Celsius. This can be a challenge, particularly during the colder months in the UK! And, of course, pausing a job in the middle of completion because the temperature has dropped is the last thing anyone wants to do. This is a significant K rend problem.

#4 It is Difficult to Patch

If you use traditional render, any cracks or chips in the surface can be easily repaired if they appear. Using K-rend makes things a little more complicated than they need to be, primarily because of the coloring. Because K-rend is colored rather than painted over, if the patch is even slightly different in color from the rest of the wall, it will stick out like a sore thumb. There is no simple solution to this K rend problem unless you decide to paint the entire wall, which defeats the purpose of using K-rend because it does not require painting.

#5 It is not Environment Friendly.

This is another K rend problem. K-rend is not as kind to the environment as more conventional renders based on minerals because it contains silicone in its composition. Mineral render has a 10% lower impact on the global warming caused by human activity and a 30% lower impact on the aquatic environment compared to renders based on silicone.

In the grand scheme, the consequences of modifying one piece of real estate in a less kind way to the environment won't, of course, amount to a very significant amount. The switch from mineral-based to silicone-based render might not seem like it will have much of an effect on the whole, but the cumulative impact could be significant.

Since you are aware of these K rend problems, it is now up to you if you decide to opt for it. Just compare what you need/want with what is in this article, and this would make your decision-making easier.

K Rend Cracks and Repairs

K Rend is a product designed to be flexible while also being stable and not cracking. If a crack appears, you must discuss the possible causes of the damage with a professional as soon as possible. Cracks contribute to some of K rend problems and these common types of cracks are as follows:

  • Structural cracks
  • Cracks caused by settlement and shrinkage, which occur when a newly constructed building "settles" on the ground.
  • Cracks caused by stress, which are most commonly found around the perimeter of window or door openings
  • Cracks that are only visible on the surface of the render are called hairline cracks.
  • In most cases, it is best practice to postpone repair work until the crack has had as much time as possible to stabilize before proceeding.

On request, these K rend problems/crack repairs can be attended to with the following repair products:

Color Fill is offered in a variety of colors to mimic the look of the rendered image, and it is available.

A surface coating designed to leave a uniform facade, known as "Color Enhance."

K Rend General Maintenance

We do know that K rend problems can be challenging and almost deter you from using the render, but if you choose to use it, you need to be aware of the general maintenance. Following these instructions could save you from these K rend problems themselves.

Most finished facades have a low maintenance finish and require only a minimal amount of upkeep. On the other hand, they could call for cleaning and maintenance from time to time. The outcome of this will depend on components such as:

  • Weathering: This is both a condition and the process in which various natural agents, such as wind and rain, degrade the appearance of a surface over time. This is a process that takes a long time and is very slow.
  • The number of spores in the air depends on the local exposure level.
  • Smog in urban areas and industrial manufacturing, depending on the environment of the site in question.

The final render appearance, as a whole, is affected by all of these different factors, each of which plays a unique role.

They are installed or applied to any finished facade at any point. These alterations in appearance are nothing to be concerned about.

Because they are a result of natural processes and should not be worried about.

A typical cleaning would consist of washing with a gentle detergent, possibly followed by a more thorough cleaning with a power wash.

Cleaning the Render

After a few years have passed, you are to clean the render. By doing this, the finished facade will have a more refined appearance and be rejuvenated and will remove any organic growth, bird droppings, or film of weathering found on the surface.

You can get the surface as clean as new by using a pressure washer, fresh water, and a mild detergent in a relatively dilute solution. Since washers with extremely high pressure can damage the render surface, this should change the setting on the machine to an application rather than high power. It is important to carefully clean the surface of the render in a controlled manner, working from the top down.

Treating Algae

A form of algae is a type of organic growth that can thrive on any surface provided that it is kept damp for extended periods. More susceptible areas include those near wooded areas or other potential spore sources.

We know that the presence of algae will not hurt the render's performance over the long term.

Utilize a biocide or algaecide such as K Rend Algae Clean to eradicate algae from the affected substrates. You can acquire this from any reputable supplier of general hardware or merchant's supplies. When applying and utilizing the product, make sure to do so by the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

In summary, the render is not a perfect product as it has its issues, but the above K rend problems shouldn't deter you from still going with the render. You just have to know what you are doing. As soon as you notice a K rend problem, you must take the necessary steps, and give us a call to fix all of your k rend problems.


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