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How Much Sand and Cement per m2 for a Patio?

Updated March 6, 2024
Patio Mix Ratio: Sand & Cement Quantities Explained

Creating the perfect patio can transform your outdoor space into a haven for relaxation and entertainment. One critical aspect of patio construction is understanding the correct proportions of sand and cement needed per square meter (m2). This guide provides a detailed overview to help UK homeowners get it right.

Understanding the Basics

The Importance of Correct Ratios

The durability and longevity of your patio depend on the correct mix of sand and cement. This mixture forms the mortar, which binds your patio slabs to the base, ensuring they stay in place and withstand the elements.

What You Need: Sand and Cement

  • Cement: A key ingredient for strength and durability.
  • Sand: Provides bulk and helps in evenly spreading the cement.

How Much Sand and Cement Do You Need?

The Standard Mix Ratio

The recommended mix ratio for patio mortar is 1 part cement to 5 parts building sand. This ratio provides a strong bond while maintaining workability.

Calculating Quantities per m2

  • For a standard patio slab laying project: You'll need approximately 100kg of sand and 20kg of cement per m2. This calculation assumes a standard paving depth of 50mm.

Step-by-Step Calculation

1. Measure Your Patio Area

Determine the total area in square meters (m2) by measuring the length and width and multiplying them together.

2. Calculate Sand and Cement

Using the standard ratio and the total area, calculate the total amount of sand and cement needed.

3. Adjust for Depth

Consider the depth of your patio slabs and adjust the quantities accordingly. A deeper laying depth means more material.

Additional Considerations

Buying in Bulk

It's often more economical to buy sand and cement in bulk, especially for larger projects. Suppliers typically offer calculators to help estimate the total volume required.

Waste Factor

Always account for a waste factor of around 10% to ensure you have enough material, considering potential errors or adjustments.


Calculating the correct amount of sand and cement per m2 for your patio is crucial for a durable and long-lasting result. By following the recommended mix ratio and adjusting for the specific needs of your project, you can ensure a successful patio installation.

FAQs about Sand and Cement for Patios

Use the standard mix ratio of 1 part cement to 5 parts sand and adjust based on the area in m2 and the depth of your slabs. Approximately 100kg of sand and 20kg of cement are needed per m2 for a 50mm depth.

For patios, it's recommended to use building sand as it provides the best workability and bond with cement.

For irregular shapes, divide the area into manageable rectangular sections, calculate each section's area, and then sum them up to get the total m2.

It's wise to purchase an additional 10% of materials to account for waste and any unforeseen adjustments.

Mixing your own mortar gives you more control over the mix ratio and is usually more cost-effective, especially for larger areas. Pre-mixed mortars are convenient for small projects or repairs.


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