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DOFF Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide

Updated November 10, 2022
DOFF Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide

DOFF cleaning is a gentle and effective method of cleaning masonry. It uses a low-pressure spray that gently cleans the surface without damaging it. DOFF works by spraying a specialised detergent onto the stone and then allowing it to dry naturally. The detergent is made up of an organic compound which contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives, making it safe for use on almost any type of natural stone including limestone and sandstone.

What is DOFF?

DOFF is a brand of products, manufactured by the company Stonehealth (based in Dursley, UK). Essentially it is a well-engineered hot pressure washing setup. Therefore DOFF cleaning is a dry cleaning process that uses a dry ice blasting system. The system blasts frozen CO2 pellets at high velocity to remove contaminants from surfaces like stone, brick, concrete and other masonry.

This method has many applications in the public realm where graffiti removal is needed, but can also be used for the removal of mould and other undesirable organic matter from building facades or interior spaces.

Dry ice blasting is a safe, non-destructive cleaning method that can be used for both interior and exterior surfaces. It creates no dust or residue, and does not alter the appearance of masonry surfaces.

What is DOFF

Why choose DOFF cleaning?

Did you know that DOFF cleaning is a safe and effective way to clean masonry? Did you know that it's environmentally friendly, too? That’s why over the years it has become a very popular cleaning method used by many companies across the country.

It is also a low-energy process, as it uses water, detergent, and compressed air to blast away dirt from the surface of your building materials. This method was originally developed for military use but has since been adapted for commercial use. It's perfect for contractors who are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional abrasive blasting methods or other chemical-based cleaning processes.

DOFF cleaning is safe for the environment because it uses only water- and air-based cleaning solutions. It's also non-toxic, which means that you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into the soil or groundwater around your building site. This method is ideal for contractors who want to use environmentally friendly practices in their construction projects.

The DOFF cleaning method is also very effective when it comes to removing dirt and grime from masonry surfaces. This process uses high-pressure water jets and a detergent solution to blast away dirt, which makes it a great way for contractors who want to save money on labour costs. By using this method instead of traditional abrasive blasting methods, your company can save time and money while still getting the same results.

Whilst from an initial investigation it may seem like a more expensive option, you will quickly realise that by avoiding any potential damage caused by other methods, it becomes more cost effective. It’s also more time efficient and afterall… time is money!

When should I use DOFF?

DOFF cleaning is ideal for removing dirt, graffiti and moss from stonework. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including stone, brickwork and slate.

It should not be confused with OIL FREE or waterless cleaning - instead it uses a mild detergent solution with no abrasive particles in the solution.

It’s suitable for a huge range of applications, so we’ll go into a few common examples in more depth, but essentially it should be used any time you need to remove something from stonework without causing damage.

How does it work?

DOFF is a dry cleaning system that uses a low pressure spray to clean surfaces, remove graffiti and clean porous materials like carpet, fabric and leather. When you need to remove graffiti or dirt from hard surfaces, DOFF has the right equipment for the job. Our high pressure washers use steam to safely remove even the toughest stains and stencils in minutes.

DOFF uses an abrasive solution to clean surfaces such as concrete floors and driveways. The purpose of this process is to gently remove dirt and grime without damaging the surface itself so it stays strong and resilient in any weather conditions

Where can I find a DOFF system?

The DOFF system is a dry cleaning system that uses high pressure and low pressure to clean surfaces. It can be used in a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and general cleaning.

Where can you find a DOFF system? If you’re interested in purchasing or hiring a DOFF machine, there are many manufacturers who offer them to the public.

How do I know if my stonework is suitable for DOFF cleaning?

The simple answer is, yes! Fortunately, thanks to its versatility, the system is suitable for all stone types, including marble, granite and sandstone. So whatever type of stonework you are working with, you can be confident you won’t have any issues.

Ideal for surface cleaning masonry

It’s also ideal for surface cleaning masonry. As it is more gentle than other cleaning methods, it can be considered a less damaging alternative to pressure washing and can be used on all types of masonry including stone and brick.

Graffiti removal

Graffiti removal is a difficult task, and this is most certainly an effective solution. Unlike other methods of graffiti removal, it allows you to remove the paint without damaging the concrete surface on which it is painted. This means that your building will not need repairs after the graffiti has been removed, as opposed to if you were to use a chemical-based solution.

As well as being great for removing paint from brickwork and concrete surfaces, it can also be used for moss removal and other general cleaning tasks around your property. As it works by breaking down dirt into smaller pieces that are then easily washed away with water or another solvent, DOFF cleaning is ideal for removing unwanted substances such as moss growths on guttering or cracked paintwork around windows (which may have occurred due to exposure).

How do I know if my stonework is suitable for DOFF cleaning

What's the difference between a pressure washing system and a DOFF?

The difference between a pressure washer and a DOFF is that the latter uses suction to remove dirt, grime and other contaminants from your surface. A traditional pressure washer will blast away dirt by exerting high pressure on it, whereas the DOFF gently sucks up all of your contaminants. This means that you can clean surfaces like limestone without having to worry about damaging it – you can even use it on brickwork!

The DOFF is also better for cleaning stucco than a regular pressure washer because its gentle method doesn't create as much heat which can sometimes cause damage to this type of coating.

Pressure washing is a process that uses high-pressure water to remove dirt, debris, and grease from surfaces. This method can be used on both indoor and outdoor spaces. The pressure washer creates its own cleaning solution by mixing water with chemicals such as detergents or soaps.

What else can the system be used for?

Many people are familiar with DOFF cleaning as a way to remove food stains and grease from your kitchen floor. However, this powerful cleaning method is also ideal for removing dirt and grime from outdoor stone surfaces like patios, walls and walkways.

Everything from small outdoor features to large buildings.

Because it is so versatile, it can be used for cleaning brick, stone and masonry surfaces, and can be used on everything from small outdoor features to large buildings. DOFF steam cleaners are particularly useful for cleaning brick buildings and other surfaces where high temperatures would cause damage.

DOFF cleaners use dry steam to produce a clean, non-abrasive finish with no water remaining on the surface after the job has been completed. The dryer the steam becomes, the higher its level of heat will rise – up to 250 degrees Celsius – which makes it perfect for extremely dirty surfaces like walls or chimneys.

DOFF steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning brickwork and other masonry surfaces, especially if there is a lot of dirt or algae to be removed. They can also be used for general cleaning work such as clearing leaves from gutters and cleaning windows.

What's the difference between steam cleaning and pressure washing?

Steam cleaning is similar to pressure washing, except that it uses hot water instead of high-pressure water. This method is gentler on surfaces and more environmentally friendly than pressure washing. Pressure washers require the use of chemicals, whereas steam cleaning does not involve those additional chemicals.

The pressure washer sprays the cleaning solution onto the surface, which removes dirt and debris. The high-pressure water is also used to clean grime off of surfaces and remove grease from kitchen appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and ovens. Pressure washing can be used on concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks.

Pressure washing relies solely on high water pressure to remove dirt and grime, whereas steam cleaning uses a combination of superheated water and steam in order to gently remove unwanted materials.

Steam cleaning uses a combination of superheated water and steam in order to gently remove unwanted materials. Pressure washing, on the other hand, relies solely on high water pressure to remove dirt and grime.

Steam cleaning is gentler on surfaces due to its use of heated water rather than abrasive chemicals or stiff brushes that can scratch delicate surfaces such as granite countertops or marble floors. The steam also helps loosen dirt particles so they can be easily wiped away after the surface has been cleaned with a microfiber cloth that mimics human skin’s ability to absorb moisture without damaging it.

One benefit of steam cleaning over pressure washing is the ability to clean stone buildings while also conserving water.

As you hopefully know by now, DOFF cleaning is a type of power washing. It uses steam to clean surfaces in addition to water. Unlike pressure washing, though, steam cleaning doesn’t use pressure or force and can be used on stone buildings without destroying them. In fact, one benefit of steam cleaning over pressure washing is the ability to clean stone buildings while also conserving water.

Steam cleaning will remove dirt and grime from your outdoor furniture with less mess than traditional pressure washers can create. This method uses a low-pressure stream of hot water that makes it gentler on delicate surfaces like wood or stone—which means you don't need to worry about scratching your patio chairs or wooden deck! Additionally, since you're not blasting away at stains with high levels of force (like some other types of cleaners), steam cleaning is much more likely to preserve any existing paint jobs while still getting rid of all those nasty algae stains on your porch swing frame (or other similar areas).

Steam cleaning can help you get out a lot more than food stains!

Steam cleaning can be used to clean all types of exterior surfaces and even some interior ones. This process is a great option for brick, stone and masonry surfaces because it's both gentle and versatile.

While steam cleaning is often thought of as a gentle process that works well on small outdoor features like statues or garden fountains, it can also be used on much larger buildings. If you have brickwork on your home's exterior that needs to be cleaned up before painting or staining, steam cleaning is a great choice!

DOFF steam cleaning is a versatile method of cleaning brick, stone and masonry surfaces that can be used on everything from small outdoor features to large buildings. The DOFF method is especially useful for cleaning difficult-to-reach spots, such as corners and edges where dirt tends to accumulate over time. It also allows you to clean your home or business without using harsh chemicals or harmful detergents because its "green" process uses only water and steam pressure instead! This type of cleaning does not require any chemical additives or detergents—just add some soap suds into the mix for an even better result!

We hope this article has helped you understand the differences between DOFF cleaning and pressure washing. If you're still unsure about which system is best for your needs, we'd be happy to answer any questions you have or give you a free quote on either service.


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