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Breathe New Life into Breeze Block Walls: A UK Guide to Rendering

Updated December 26, 2023
Tired of plain breeze blocks? Transform your UK walls with our guide! Cost, types, DIY tips, FAQs - unlock stunning & weatherproof surfaces! ✨

Tired of your breeze block walls looking drab and utilitarian? You're not alone! In the UK, many homes and garden structures feature these sturdy but visually plain blocks. But fear not, homeowners! Rendering can transform your breeze block walls from bland to beautiful, adding a touch of elegance and functionality to your property.

Why Render Your Breeze Block Walls?

There are several compelling reasons to choose rendering for your breeze block walls:

Enhanced Aesthetics:

Rendering provides a smooth, sleek finish, masking the rough texture of breeze blocks and instantly upgrading the overall look of your house, shed, or garden wall.

Weatherproofing and Durability:

A quality render protects your breeze blocks from the harsh UK weather, including rain, wind, and frost. This extends the lifespan of the blocks and reduces the need for frequent repairs.

Improved Insulation:

Certain render systems offer additional insulation properties, helping to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This translates to increased energy efficiency and potentially lower energy bills.

Reduced Maintenance:

Unlike bare breeze blocks, rendered walls require minimal maintenance. You won't need to worry about repainting or repointing as often, saving you time and money.


Rendering comes in a vast array of colors and textures, allowing you to personalize your walls and create a look that complements your property's style.

The Rendering Process:

Rendering breeze block walls involves several steps:

1. Preparation:

This crucial stage involves cleaning the wall surface, removing any loose mortar or debris, and repairing any cracks or damage.

2. Wetting:

The wall is thoroughly wetted to ensure proper adhesion of the render.

3. Application:

The chosen render mix is applied in thin layers using a trowel or spray gun. This process may require multiple coats for a smooth finish.

4. Finishing:

Once the render dries, it can be textured or painted to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Types of Render for Breeze Block Walls:

  • Cement Render: The traditional and most affordable option, but requires regular maintenance and may not offer optimal insulation.
  • Silicone Render: More expensive but highly durable, crack-resistant, and offers good insulation.
  • Monocouche Render: A one-coat system combining base and finishing layers, offering good weatherproofing and insulation.

Factors Affecting Cost:

The cost of rendering your breeze block walls depends on several factors, including the size of the wall, the chosen render type, the complexity of the job, and the labor costs in your area. As a general guide, expect to pay £20-£40 per square meter for a basic cement render on a simple wall.

DIY or Hire a Professional?

While rendering can be a DIY project for adventurous homeowners, it's a skilled job requiring specific knowledge and techniques. Hiring a qualified renderer ensures high-quality work, avoids potential mistakes, and saves you time and stress.

Ready to Transform Your Breeze Block Walls?

Rendering your breeze block walls can be a transformative and worthwhile investment. By understanding the benefits, process, and costs involved, you can make an informed decision and unlock the full potential of your walls. Whether you choose a classic cement finish or a modern silicone texture, your rendered breeze block walls will add a touch of sophistication and weatherproof protection to your UK home or garden.

Breeze Block Wall Rendering FAQs

Absolutely! Rendering offers a multitude of benefits: enhanced aesthetics, weatherproofing, improved insulation, reduced maintenance, and increased versatility. While there's an initial investment, the long-term benefits and value boost make it a worthwhile upgrade.

It depends on your budget and needs. Traditional cement render is affordable but requires more maintenance. Silicone render is pricier but highly durable and requires less upkeep. Monocouche render offers good insulation and weatherproofing in one coat but tends to be more expensive. Consult a renderer for tailored advice.

Expect to pay around £20-£40 per square meter for basic cement render on a simple wall. Factors like render type, wall size, complexity, and local labor costs influence the final price. Obtain quotes from multiple renderers for accurate estimates.

DIY rendering is possible, especially for small, easy-to-access walls. However, it requires knowledge, skill, and specialized tools. If unsure, hiring a professional renderer ensures a high-quality, long-lasting finish and saves you potential headaches.

Drying times and the number of coats applied influence the duration. Generally, rendering a simple wall can take 3-5 days. Complex projects with intricate details may require longer.

Regular cleaning with water and mild detergent is all you need. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers. Repainting might be necessary every few years depending on the chosen render and exposure to the elements.

In some cases, yes. If the existing render is sound and well-adhered, a qualified renderer can apply a new render layer on top. However, if the existing render is cracked, loose, or poorly applied, it needs to be removed and replaced with a fresh layer.


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