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The Best House Render Colours for a Modern Home Look

Updated December 30, 2023
Assortment of house render colour samples in a grid, showcasing various shades from neutrals to dark tones.

Choosing the right colour for your home's exterior can be as crucial as the design of the house itself. House render, which is a type of plaster applied to the outside of a building to protect the walls, comes in a variety of colours. Let's explore some of the hottest yet classically chic house render colours.

Classic and Contemporary Colours

Neutral Tones

Timeless White

White is a classic choice that never goes out of style. Making the house look larger and cooler in sunny climates.

Earthy Beige

Beige and other earth tones blend seamlessly with natural surroundings, offering a subtle and sophisticated look.

Bold and Bright Options

Statement Grey

Grey renders can range from light misty tones to dark charcoal, providing a modern and urban feel.

Navy Blue

A navy blue render can give your home a distinguished appearance, standing out without being too loud.

Accenting with Colour

Highlight Features

Using bolder colours to accent architectural features can break up the monotony of a single-colour render.

Colour Combinations

Pairing two complementary colours can create a dynamic visual impact. For instance, a light grey base with dark grey accents.

Factors to Consider

The Architectural Style of Your Home

The style of your home can influence the render colour. Traditional homes may suit classic colours, while modern homes can experiment with bolder shades.

The Surrounding Landscape

Consider how your chosen colour will look against the backdrop of your garden and the local environment.

The Climate

Darker colours absorb more heat, which might not be ideal in warmer regions, while lighter colours can show dirt more readily.


The best house render colour is one that reflects your personal style and complements the building's architecture and surroundings. Whether you opt for a classic look with neutrals or make a statement with bold hues, the right colour can turn a house into a home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Consider factors like the architectural style of your house, the surrounding landscape, local climate, and your personal preference. It's also advisable to look at colour swatches in various lighting conditions.

Lighter colours tend to make small houses appear larger and more open. Whites, creams, and light greys are popular choices.

Yes, you can use dark colours, but keep in mind they may absorb more heat and can make your house stand out more. They will create a bold statement when contrasted with lighter trim.

Neutral tones like whites, greys, and beiges are among the most popular due to their timeless appeal and flexibility in complementing various architectural styles

Yes, it's important to consider the roof colour to ensure that your render colour complements it and creates a cohesive look.

The lifespan of your render's colour can vary based on the quality of the render and exposure to the elements. Typically, a good quality render can last up to 10 years before needing a repaint.

While personal preference is important, it's wise to avoid extremely bright or unconventional colours that may not resonate well with future buyers or might go against local planning regulations.

Yes, many suppliers provide samples or can mix a small quantity for a test patch. It's a good practice to apply a test area to view the colour in situ.

Yes, the texture can influence the colour's appearance. A smoother finish will reflect more light potentially making the colour appear lighter, while a rough texture may make the colour appear deeper.

Darker colours can absorb more heat, which might increase the temperature inside your home if it's exposed to direct sunlight. Lighter colours reflect more light and retain less heat.


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